Knorr Recipe Contest: 3 Cheese Green Chili Chicken Patsies

July 7, 2011

Knorr is launching a new product, concentrated Homestyle Stock, and let me tell you it is so good. The smell alone is like really good chicken soup. Even better one packet is equal to 3 1/2 cups of chicken stock.  Because of this Knorr has teamed up with Blogher and are having a recipe contest  as part of a launch of their new product at the BlogHer 2011 Conference. Lucky me, I got chosen to participate in the recipe contest.

I decided to combine two of my favorite foods. Numero uno being British Patsies. When I was in England several years ago I would sneak away from the group every day at lunch and walk to the local bakery. That was the best bakery I have ever come in contact with, I got the same things every day, a custard pie and a beef and potato patsy. Yum. Now my second favorite food is a really good sour cream enchilada. I have a recipe for one that I added goat cheese to once and it turned out divine. So with that said I made a hybrid of my two favorites. Now lets get on to the food goodness.

Three Cheese Green Chili Patsies
prep time: 45 minutes
cook time: (baked) 15-20 minutes
serves: 10-12
{for the filling}
1 lb chicken thighs, bone in with skin
3 oz goat cheese
7 oz green chilies
4 oz cream cheese
1 cup mexican shredded cheese/or colby jack
1 clove garlic
1/4 tsp cumin
salt & pepper to taste
1 packet Knorr Homestyle Stock
4-5 tbsp green enchilada sauce (depending on taste and consistancy-mixture should be thick)

{for the dough}
3 cups all purpose flour
1/4 tsp salt
6 oz butter, cold and cut into 12 pieces
1 egg
4-5 tbsp water combined with 1/2 tbsp Knorr Homestyle Stock
(egg wash for sealing-one egg and water)

Preheat oven to 375*
Begin by making the dough. Mix flour and salt in food processor. Add butter, egg, and water/Knorr mixture and process until clumpy dough forms. Form into a ball and chill in refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Next line a baking sheet with foil and spray with oil to prevent sticking. Lay chicken thighs onto baking sheet and massage Knorr Homestyle stock onto chicken making sure to get most of it under the skin. Season chicken with salt and pepper and bake for 20-25 minutes until chicken is cooked through.

While chicken is cooking, in a large bowl combine cream cheese, goat cheese, mexican shredded cheese, green chilies, garlic, cumin, and green enchilada sauce. Once chicken is done remove skin and shred. Add shredded chicken to cheese mixture. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Change oven temperature to 400*.

Remove dough from refrigerator and roll out into a thin sheet, cut into round discs (use molds or small plate/bowl). Fill discs with a few Tbsp of filling and seal edges together with egg wash and press with a fork. Brush tops of Patsies with egg wash.

Arrange Patsies on a baking sheet with non-stick aluminum foil or on a baking stone and bake at 400* for 15-20 minutes until golden brown. Another option would be to deep fry/or shallow fry them until golden brown.

Mine could have been prettier but I subbed some of the all purpose flour for whole wheat...the lighting in our new apartment is also crummy so excuse the pic quality.
Another variation I tried with this filling is to use puff pastry and make them more like turnovers, so yummy. 
If you want to kick it up a bit top the patsy with the leftover enchilada sauce. Divine! If making it with Puff Pastry though make sure to buy 2 packages, it will make 16.

This recipe is great served with salsa or Mexican Rice. It would also be yummy topped with avocado.