{life lesson}

June 14, 2011

#1 The other day I walked into the kitchen to find Jeremy making sweet tea.  I was in one of my moods and thought it would be hilarious to mess with him...primarily...gross him out. So I waltzed right up, took the pitcher from his hand, and drank straight out of it. I didn't exactly get the reaction I was looking for. I started laughing so hard while trying to drink out of it that I snorted tea out of my nose!

Needless to say gross out was not what I got, it fell more along the lines of "my wife is weird". But still funny none the less.

#2 If you happen to break an entire band spanking new bottle of Worcestershire sauce in your kitchen floor...there is nothing that will get rid of the smell. It will just take a few days to air out. I seriously swept up glass for days, still found some yesterday and it was a week later. I also Swiffer mopped several times. I finally had to get on my hands and knees and Mean Green the floor to get rid of the sticky.

What taste good is not also something you want to smell day in and day out.

#3 When joking about how every bridesmaid in your wedding got pregnant before your one year anniversary...except you, expect the obvious but unexpected question. Where they all married? Especially when making this joke with friends and within ear shot of the pastor. You will hate explaining it.

In the event the unwanted question appears your husband is allowed to counteract your blunder with "None of my groomsmen got pregnant"

Which leads me to:

#4 Husbands should always be prepared to say something funny to take the attention off of some off the wall comment his wife just made. However funny that comment might have been...it is always assumed people will not get your wife's twisted sense of humor.

***Warning: it gets a bit heavy here.
I've come to realize that because of who I married and people's opinion of him they automatically project that same view onto me. Big mistake. Jeremy and I are polar opposites in many ways. While he could spend all day in serious conversations discussing mission work and other religious denomination at lunch, I can not. I am more about the humor in life. I have to joke around.

At the new church we are at Jeremy is not the youth group leader. Great for him, he enjoys youth ministry, he tried to get me involved with it at the last church we were at. I of course ran for the hills and joined an amazing women's class. There is this preconceived notion that because your husband likes it that you must like it too. Not at all true. Yes I teach, and for the most part enjoy it (hard to say 100% love it considering the school I just left), but I just can't devote all my time to kids. It sounds selfish but after being around kids all week I need some grown up time. I honestly changed SS classes a few years ago because people were bringing their babies with them and it was by no means a newly wed class anymore. Plus I was "single" while J taught 8th grade SS.

Now I am not saying any of this to be mean, or to say I will no 100% give Jer all the help he will ever need with heading off the youth group. But I am saying, I am not my husband. I love him to death, but goodness don't, for the love of dachshunds, do not group me in with him on things. I don't always know what he is talking about even!

A comment was made about his church background, he has an interesting background (in everything). In that comment I kind of understood it to say that if "WE" needed to talk to someone about what it meant to be Baptist we could. Hold up honey, home girl was raised Southern Baptists. I got that down pat. Jeremy might have gone to an extreme church at some point but he knows his stuff. And yet again, just because Jeremy did something one way does not mean I did too.

We are different on many many levels. We were raised different. His is the child of divorce...my two plan to torture my sister and I until death (love you Mom;)). While on the surface some things may be similar, it has been quite a ride for the past 3 years trying to understand each other, because we are so different. But I love him none the less, and I had to learn to love him completely while letting go of what I could not control (i.e. in-laws). At one point he was asked to be a preacher for a small church and contemplated seminary. If you know me at all...you know I am not the preacher wife type. It takes a special woman to do that...and the Lord would have to do a massive overhaul to bring me to it. (I just have a mouth that gets me in trouble sometimes).

The lesson here, just because two people are married does not mean they are conjoined twins. They come from different backgrounds, and have different opinions on life. We may agree on the big important issues, but we could argue all day about proper parenting and baby sleeping issues (HA!).

All that to say this...I totally did not intend on this post going in this direction. Guess this was just on my chest and looking for a way to escape. Sorry for the heavy post.