{cheap should be my middle name}

June 22, 2011

For all you Sentsy lovers....go to WalMart. Better Homes and Gardens came out with flameless wax warmers and scents. The scents smell sooo good! I got two today for $4. My cheapo self was so happy I held out on ordering Scentsy bars the other day. 
On another note, I lost my big bug eyed sunglasses. Sad face. I think I left them at the gym. Needless to say my love of infomercials has led me to find the HD Vision glasses at Dollar General! Whoo Hoo!
Not only do they work well they also fit the #2 requirement I have for sunglasses...
...they fit on top of my head! Glasses HAVE to fit on my head like a head band or they drive me insane. I tend to lose them quicker or scratch them up by shoving them in my purse without a case. Might I also add the above workout outfit, or lack their of, is the reason I am not doing WIWW these days. With it being summer break I really only leave the house to go to the gym or the grocery store, sad right. But if you'd like to know my rag muffin shirt was on display because I was attending, without my knowledge, the condition class from hell. I should have known when Barbie was teaching the class that I would have my butt handed to me. The class started off as conditioning/you will have jello legs to the perkiest Zumba class I have ever attended. Needless to say I burned so many calories I think I might have burned some of the ladies next to me...and I will be going to Barbie's yoga/pilates class tomorrow a.m.

In other news.
Summer seems to be our luckiest time of the year. Our 1st year together the dryer died. Our second year together the washer died. This year Jeremy's AC in his car died...and yesterday mine did too. 
Jeremy "worked" on the old thing. When I say worked I mean banged around on it with a screw driver. The freon I got didn't even go in, so apparently it is full. Meaning...it will cost more than I want to spend and it has to go to a mechanic. I would go without air, but it is to dang hot down here to do it. Oh how I hate Murphy's Law. 

It was also doggie bath day. 
Needless to say their favorite part is getting dried off. When I stop with the towel they start with my rug. 
No matter how cute a wire hair or long hair dachshund looks dry...they look like soggy rats when they are wet. Poor soggy Ellie.
Ole ugly rat dog. Poor thing needs her hair blow dried.