help a blogger out...

June 6, 2011

So last week I sent off the check to pay for us to go to Italy with a group from ULM. Last year you might remember we were going to go to Germany...but money was tight and it was just not a good idea, so we backed out. But this time we are REALLY going to Italy. So after the shock of writing the check things started going through my head.

1. What do I wear? We are hiking and walking a lot so what does one wear outside in Italy during December!
2. Shoes shoes shoes!
3. Should I layer lighter jackets or wear my big one?
4. How do I prevent being air sick, again, so that I can enjoy this trip without puking my life away?
5. Can I take deodorant in my carryon? I hear most Italians don't wear it so it is hard to find once you are there.
6. How do you tell your new boss you might be gone for a whole week before Christmas break without getting the evil eye? Better yet when do you tell them?

Finally and most importantly:::
7. Cameras!?! My camera is outdated and takes so-so pics. My Mom's camera takes okay pics depending on its mood, time of day, if the stars are aligned correctly, and if Pluto has managed to revolve in front of Uranus yet again. I looked into renting a DSLR camera, $100 for a week. Not bad, but it requires spending money. Buying a DSLR camera is out of the question, unless anyone is selling one for a decent price. Borrowing a camera from someone. But even if I told the person I would pay for the camera if *God forbid* someone mug me or some crazy mess happens to it---they would so not want to send their expensive DSLR camera to Italy. I also hate to put people in the position to feel awkward and have to say no, even though I TOTALLY understand the no. 

So do y'all have any idea how I can get my hands on a nice camera for a week in December to take to Italy? I would hate to go all the way there only to have lame pictures that I will not be to happy about in years to come. I took a disposable to England and the pics are wretched. If you know of anyone or anywhere I could rent a DSLR from let me know!