A to Z

April 9, 2011

I am in need of a random fun post. I have seen this on a few blogs, and decided to participate.

A. Age: 25

B. Bed size: King-but currently a double while the hubs is gone.

C. Chore you dislike: Putting up laundry.

D. Dogs: 2 dachshunds Ellie and Maddie

E. Essential start to your day: Must bathe, I am a morning bather. I get to hot at night to take a shower before bed.

F. Favorite color: teal

G. Gold or silver: both, depends on what I am wearing.

H. Height: 5'4"

I. Instruments you play(ed): Use to play clarinet

J. Job title: Teacher

K. Kids: nada...and not for a long time

L. Live: Louisiana

M. Mom’s name: Lisa

N. Nicknames: Emma

O. Overnight hospital stays: When I was 5 I had an appendectomy.

P. Pet peeves: slow talkers, disrespectful people, the sound of cracking knuckles

Q. Quote from a movie: I honestly don't have one. I tend to fall asleep in every movie we watch.

R. Righty or lefty: Right

S. Siblings: One sister, Laura

T. Time you wake up: 5:25am

U. Underwear: bikini, I like coverage.

V. Vegetables you don’t like: black eyed peas

W.What makes you run late: I honestly don't know. Sometimes I just lose track of time.
X. X-rays you’ve had: Teeth

Y. Yummy food you make: Tres Cake

Z. Zoo animal favorites: Monkeys