Saturday 7- Q&A with a linky

April 23, 2011

Q & A

1. Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging because I was getting married and all of my bridesmaids lived out of state or miles away from me. I didn't get to have to usual experience of everyone shopping for a gown with me, or hunting for bridesmaids dresses with me. Since the girls lived so far away I decided to put everything for the wedding on here so they could see and comment, and give me ideas. Instead it turned into hometown friends reading and commenting, and created minor hype when I posted a video of us practicing swing dancing for our first dance. It was fun, and I think actually made some the guests interested to see what the final product was going to look like.

2. What is your most embarrassing moment?
The first day of 6th grade, might not have been the worst, but it has scared the mess out of me. For starter I had on the cutest blue jean dress to come out of the 90s, and I also had the meanest group of "friends". It was lunch time and mean girl said "Hey Emily come sit by me!" so I went and sat down. All the time not knowing she had placed the top to her chocolate pudding face up on purpose so I would sit in it. I spent the rest of the day looking like I had pooped my pants. What's bad is that I was such a nice trusting kid, events like that are what I blame my cynicism on. I know that girl probably doesn't remember doing it to me, but I'd love to being it up to her one day.

3. Nicknames?
I could make this list go on forever! My whole life my family has called me Emma or Em. Teachers called me Em, and one called me Auntie Em(from Wizard of Oz I think). For several years my Dad called me Tyrone just to tick me off, he thought it was hilarious. In high school I was called Cater, my last name because I was involved in football (water girl) and worked out with a lot of the football players. 5th period Civics gave everyone nicknames and I became Bobbin' Weave because my hair bounced when I walked. There were a whole host of odd things in college. Now as a teacher I have several kids (both years) that have dubbed me Mamma B. I was accidentally called grandma this year, but since it was a one time occurrence I won't count it! Ha!  {My sister Laura on the other hand has never had a actual nickname--odd}

4. What is your all time favorite pet?
Sorry Ellie, but rabbits. My Dad use to breed them and Easter was our big time of the year. People really liked to buy ours because they were so tame. Laura and I spent many hours of our childhood playing with bunnies, they didn't get tame playing with each other. I had one that would sleep on her back in my lap and was litter box trained. She lived inside too. Sadly she died the first time I let her play outside alone and she saw a cat. The neighbor saw the whole thing, Sweet Pea literally saw the cat, had a heat attack and fell over. End of Sweet Pea. 

5. What is your most memorable vacation?
I would say honeymoon because I loved Epcot, but the best one was skiing in Keystone, Colorado. I would die if I could live there.

6. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?
I asked Jeremy this the other day and he said Chinese, but I don't agree. I would have to go with Japanese or Thai. I love sushi, must have sushi

7. If you could live anywhere, in any time period where and when would it be? 
England in the Middle Ages. Not the black plague infested version, but the movie version. I love the clothing, how they talk, and what all the building looks like. I would also have to be of nobility. But that is more fantasy land than real life "Run the giant rat is chasing you down the sewage covered street!" Wait, considering my problems with mice in my classroom that is close to real life haha!