man-free/cow-free? and other randomness

April 5, 2011

I am not going to lie. I ate like I was about to get the lethal injection over Spring Break. I swear I gained 5lbs. So I came back this week knowing there was not a single meat free recipe on the face of the earth that would make me happy. I was coveting some chicken like a crazy woman.  So I decided to make taco salads with ground turkey and this balsamic grilled chicken goodness.  Hence the cow-free title. I am shall only consume things with two legs or less until June. Ha! 

Anyway back to death by chicken. I started cooking the dish up...wait I need to back track further. I was reading the recipe and was really debating on not doing the pasta in it. I have carb overloaded. Time to de-carb. But when I got to WalMart it was calling my name, so I put it in the buggy. Then I got home to make the dish and though "I'll just save that pasta for a rainy day" but was possessed by the pasta monster and cooked that mess up. That then made me want to just freeze it so I couldn't enjoy the penne pasta goodness. That was going well until I slipped and all the other ingredients fell into the pot.

Thats my story and I'm sticking to it.

I was going to eat just the chicken and veggies...but I just can't tell the difference between chicken and penne pasta. Like I said, that's my story...don't judge. 

To make matters worse I have been so hongry {thats what we call really hungry people} that I have eaten a bowl and a half two nights in a row. And not little bowls my dear, big bowls. 

I also decided not to do carbs for breakfast, but somehow came home with the makings of my healthy McMuffins

At least I don't eat in my sleep. 

That I know of...
In other news, it took one adult female and two dachshunds 17 minutes to walk/run around the block. Well it actually went like this:

Round the block 1: Ellie makes us walk super slow...then stops in front of the house and sits down refusing to go for round two.

Round 2: Maddie and I walk, run, then walk while panting back to the house. But at least Maddie will run. 

Wanna know what Ellie and Joshua have in common, they walk about the same speed...and get distracted every five feet. I am almost positive the baby would walk farther than Ellie though. 

Okay, thats enough. Hope y'all are having a good week!