November 16, 2010

Last night Jeremy and I fell asleep super 8:30pm early. Needless to say we woke up at 10:30pm nearly burning alive. The kind of burning alive that feels like someone set the bed on fire and we both jumped up at the same time. We rearranged and went back to sleep. This morning a conversation followed...that totally proves anything my mother has ever told anyone about sleeping with me.

Jer: How'd you sleep last night?
Me: Good, you?
Jer: Really good after you turned the air conditioner on.
Me: I never turned it on, it was 64 in the house all night. You just cooled off when I moved to the other side of the bed. 
Jer: I thought you turned the air on.
Me: I turned my fan on and moved to the cold side. You just moved away from me. {haha}

Lesson learned: I am apparently so hot natured when I sleep that moving a few inches away from me causes people to think the air conditioner turned a 64 degree house. 

So far the only thing on earth that likes to sleep next to me is Maddie. Ellie even moves to the foot of the bed after I fall asleep. 

Mother always said sleeping with me is like sleeping in a furnace.