30 Day Blogger Challenge- Day 21 & 22

November 2, 2010

I got a bit lazy last night...as in went to Zumba after work, cooked dinner, then passed out cold by 9:30. We didn't even have to work today and I planned on staying up late, that didn't work out as planned. 

Day 21 {Picture of yourself}
 This was/is my favorite bridal picture. After doing engagements with Katie May{and her little lesson on how to not smile in a pic} I decided to not smile in my bridals. Mom & Nanny weren't to happy with that decision, but I liked the way they turned out. I tend to smile in every picture, so it was nice to have another facial expression.

Day 22 {Favorite City}

London. But I have a feeling most of you have picked up on that already. If someone kidnapped me and took me there I would be very unhappy if I were ever found. I have dreamed of dropping everything here and running away to that place.