bullet points are for the brain dead

November 29, 2010

I need blog topic suggestions. I am totally void of topics. So here goes the bullet points.

  • I have my last Fall observation on Wednesday. Hopefully it goes well...my homeroom has yet to be observed. Massive downside is that I have duty on Wednesday and I rarely get back into my room at 7:30. Which is my observation time.
  • We went to Texas last weekend and I thought I was just having allergy problems...well a week later and I have a sinus infection. I have so much pressure my teeth hurt. {sad face}
  • 3 days until we leave for Deeper Still in Birmingham, AL. Big freaking yay!
  • Yay for the now 4 day work week.
  • 3 weeks till Christmas break. I haven't bought a single present and I have BARELY decorated. Something tells me I probably won't. For some reason I am just not into it this year. 
  • We should be hearing something from Nicholls this week...hopefully good.
  • Due to the sinus crud I have been unable to Zumba. I am totally feeling it and all the junk I ate last week. 
  • I want the Zumba dvd for Christmas.
  • Is anyone else in the "I hate everything in my closet" phase. Maybe it is cause I am 10lbs heavier than my closet wants me to be. 
  • Ok enough of the bullet points. I'm going to hunt down my saline spray and try to get this gunk out of my head. TMI?