It's No Makeup Saturday!

March 6, 2010

So is every Saturday for that matter. I have never ever liked to wear makeup on Saturday. My skin hates it and we have come to an agreement, Saturday is my face's day off of work too.

So yes that means I went to the Northeast Louisiana Technology Fair today with zero makeup, jeans, my Saints t-shirt, and tennis shoes.

I am also about to go to a Shane and Shane concert. And like a good girl I am religiously following my traditon of no makeup Saturday and attending this sucker in the same thing I wore to NLTF today.

God bless all the poor people in the world who will see my makeupless face tonight. My poor face looked a lot better before the 7 1/2 hour conference. Sorry if you have a problem with it dear people, I like to give a skin and hair a break once a week...and the good Lord knows if I showed up to church like this tomorrow it would be time to commit my looney butt to the bin. So that dear friends is why it is No Makeup Saturday...and not No Makeup Sunday. These black circles don't count as my "Sunday best" by any Southern standard.