Happy St. Patrick's Day

March 17, 2010

I'm not Irish, in fact I'm a mix of Puerto Rican, French Canadian, and Native American. Can you say MUT? Even though I'm not Irish I still am allowed the right to pinch the mess out of my husband who is still asleep because he isn't wearing green. But I'm the nice sort of wife and I'll wait until his alarm goes off and I'll just get him when he hits sooze.

The Daschund to the right isn't mine, sadly,  but I just can't resist a cute compliant Daschund...because mine sure aren't.

Since it is Spring Break for us, and I can't torture my class like my mother once did, I will just tell you a little story about how she nearly scared her 1st graders to drop out of elementary school.

My mother being the cute little kid teacher decided one year that on St. Patty's day she would leave green gum and candy on the students desk and sprinkle green clover confetti all over the room. Whent he student returned hypothetically they would be told that leprechauns had raided the room and left them a surprise and they would get totally excited, eat their green gum and go on their merry way. Not so. These kids had seen the movie "Leprechaun" and freaked out! A group of them apparently were crying while the rest just freaked, all convinced that the evil leprechaun was somewhere in their room or the school.

And this my friends is why you can't have the kind of fun you use to. People let their kids watch bad movies. And in turn kids are afraid of everything.  Which is, thanks to Stephen King, why I am afraid of clowns. {side note: My Mom tried to make me go to bed but I just HAD to watch IT with her, still don't like clowns.}