Get a load of this

March 15, 2010

Recently the ULM Hawkeye ran an article that has caused quite a stir with the ULM students on Facebook and definitely with college servers around town. They allowed Joseph Roberts to write an article titled "Why I Don't Tip" against their better judgement. Not only is his reasoning for why he doesn't tip going to leave him hungry in a town full of servers who will deny this dude service he also made a whole slew of racist remarks.

Check out the article here

This article mess irritates me for several reasons:

1. My husband use to write music reviews for this paper. Kind of embarrassing to say you use to work for them.
2. We both got our undergraduate degrees from this school.
3. Jeremy is a server, and as much as I hated it{because of people like Joseph Roberts} I worked at the same restaurant with my husband for a bit before we got married.
4. It is embarrassing to say I am hanging around ULM long enough to get a Master's when they are allowing nut jobs to publish sheer junk.

Obviously this guy has never been a server. I actually know who this guy is, he worked on a paper in  the Research Lab with one of our Psychology professors{my husband worked on it too} about Ecumenical theology. I don't think it is my place to air dirty laundry, but this is who the dude is in everyday life. I'm not asking him to tip, I just would like him to not be so racist and "above everyone else."

Pray that God will soften his heart and changes his views of people. 
If you would like specifics you can email me{info is in the contact tab}.