It's Febuary...

February 2, 2009

...and that can only mean two things.

1. My wedding dress is late since it has yet to appear in the mail and as of today it is 15 weeks when that thing was supposed to show up by 14.

2. It is hands down my most hated month due to the fact that my birthday is at the end.

Okay now for two positive things just so this doesn't end negative.

1. I bought the candles for the tables at the wedding...all I needed was 30 and walked out of Hobby Lobby with something like 74. There is no such thing as to many candles.

2. We had a great time at the Life Group Super Bowl party, I had the most amazing candy ever. Something called Cracker Candy, it was saltines, chocolate, butter and brown sugar. Plus I got to play with the most adorable baby ever.

There we go two positive things. Oh and something funny...I've never had a cooking mishap to date but today while trying to saute some bellpepper I decided to put a little olive oil in it cause it was sticking, well wrong order, it very quickly turned into a grease fire and I very quickly yelled for Jeremy to put the sucker out. So if anything it is looking to be a clumsy week.

1 comment:

  1. try not to burn anything up.
    Maybe you should contact the designer about your dress