DB dresses and Bella Donna

January 27, 2009

Well after several months of not being able to make a decision David's Bridal finally put out a dress I liked, only problem is I like the Mermaid color better than Watermelon but Mermaid is the wrong blue. So sad I know. I'd have to say though it took longer to decided what the girl were gonna wear than what I was going to wear, I ordered my dress back in October. I think it will look good on everyone, my sister tried it on an it was very slimming on her. But my poor ole Britt who is due in March and has to order by then as well is worried to death that it won't fit or she will look like a blimp, I'm sure everything will turn out fine though.

Now to the coolest thing ever by someone I've posted about before...
The photographer who shot our engagement pics, Katie May of TwoSuez(http://www.twosuez.com/), has now come out with a few bridal hair pieces that are very pretty and very affordable{I'm thinking she said $35 a piece}. If I would have waited one more week I just might have ordered this instead, not saying I don't love my hair piece but these are awesome as well! After I get my dress in I will probably order one of her veils.
What is bad is that I've gotten this itch to do another session with Katie, not an engagement of course, but something really fun and funky for a bridal session. I have booked my wedding and bridal with Jennifer Lizenby and it is going to all be very pretty and traditional but still fun...but I have this crazy need to do some really funky bridal pics with Katie May. Now I just gotta talk Jeremy into it haha, he told me to come up with a list of reasons I should get to do another shoot with Katie...and I have to say I've come up with quite a long one;)
If anyone is wanting to purchase a Bella Donna piece from Katie May just go to their blog (you can get to it from the two suez site) and she has how to order on there.
And another side note...I figured out how to enable annoymous comments on here {so now you can leave one Mom}. So if you read, leave me a comment and let me know what ya think it would be great to hear other peoples opinion about what I put up.


  1. tell jeremy you only get married once! (well, not everyone but YOU will only get married once, so why not do it big!) I think Katie is the PERFECT person to do something kinda funky. i bet they'd be to die for!

  2. You have an awesome taste.!! I love that dress.

  3. So what dress for the maids did you pick? It looks to me that you are gonna have the hippest wedding around. I cant wait to see it all together. And I am with Casey - go for more pictures - WHY NOT!

  4. hey girl... i know this is a longshot..but, Charlie has to work at 3 on valentine's day and I wanted to go to Sage. Are they opened for lunch on Saturdays? I am looking for a sitter for an hour sometime after 11 and before 2. you interested?