{Big White Bows}

January 17, 2009

Yay Kelly's Kids came out with their Spring 09 line! This is what we are going to use for the flower girl and ring bearer outfits. Both are going to be in the blue, except the boys is a white shirt with blue lettering and blue shorts. And nothing is more exciting to me for some reason than that huge white Kelly's Kids bow. Oh I wish I could fit into them too! haha. I swear poor Jeremy, the majority of the reason I want to have kids is to dress them in Kelly's Kids haha, just kidding. Hopefully my ring bearer's Daddy doesn't

have a problem with this outfit...which might I add is half the reason I decided to buy their outfits for them(so dad can't fuss about having to buy this to dress his boy in). Oh I can't wait I'm so excited!