A Lotta Bit of Life Lately

April 5, 2021

 It's been a minute. 

Granted after 12 years of blogging I feel like I should start staying "It's been a decade," let's face it I go through highs and lows of posting regularly. 

Regardless, here's what we've been up to. 

If you haven't been to a Jeni's Ice Cream or purchased some of that expensive stuff out of your local freezer section... do it now. It's worth every macro lost and every pound gained. Just do it on your leg day and call it a win. Their ice cream out does any custard I have ever had at the drive through in Monroe that was the bane of my prewedding "getting in shape" need. 

Monkey see, Monkey Second Child over here constantly has us rolling. His biggest thing lately is that he wants to drink what Daddy is drinking. (Harry and I are boring with plain water so he doesn't try to snag our drinks.) Jeremy, looking for a break from the toddler slobber, ordered the kid his own lemonade and he was in hog heaven having a "real drink" and not that healthy mess that Mama doles out. 

We recently had Book Character Day at school. I went above and beyond my non-crafty-mama-self and made him the shirt of his dreams. Sadly his dreams don't start at the early hours of 6:50AM and his face doesn't do his true after breakfast feelings justice. 

I kid you not, they read a book about emotions in his class and wrote a word that is "in their heart" on a heart for the board... this was clearly done in the morning. His word was sad. Had they done this after lunch they might have had a different word. But Harry is always sad to leave bed. Ask him  his feelings at PE or recess and you'd get a different answer. 

With decent weather lately, we've spent a ton of time outside. These two get kicked out of the house daily and piddle in backyard. On this particular day Elliot has dropped his popcorn and was eating it off the grass. C'est la vie. 

In other Elliot news, ignore the dirty microwave, he has been watching us microwave now for two years of his life and decided that his time had come. I was out in the yard speaking to our neighbor and he ran into the house... I caught him just in time to see he had taken the step stool to the microwave and was about to push +30 on an apple and a car. 

Before you think anything let me say this... HE IS FAST. This child plots and plans before he gets into something. For instance, I changed the door knob on the pantry to keep him out, so he's been practicing round handles on the sly and I saw him try and open the back door yesterday... he can also now open the pantry door. 

If  you haven't make homemade cooked playdough, do it now. I scented ours with peppermint essential oil and every time they play at the table the house smells clean. 

Major plus for the fact that they play with this for hours. 

We had a pajama day after church Sunday. We just needed it. I don't deal well with busy busy. 

Elliot wanted to go outside so I told him he needed shoes... this was his solution. Mama's outside sandals. 

If you haven't ordered your Brain Quest books for the summer you need to now! We love them and spent some time daily (during Spring Break) working in it. I also saw, first hand, a big improvement in Harrison's speech. The P sound has been killer - it says it as a K. 

Spring Break brought us a tornado that we actually had to hunker down for in the new house. Turns out that Peppa Pig and some Carrot Cake will keep the kids still... as soon as that was gone Elliot was trying to leave. 

There was a ton of damage in our area but we were quite fortunate to not have to pass too close to our neighborhood, 

This is just your reminder - if you haven't checked out the April Box from Simply Earth.. that blog post is live!