I Like My Eggs Shaken and Not Empty

April 9, 2021

 The days of spring in the South when we can play outside without fear of melting, they're simply the best. Granted the trade off is severe allergy issues and the constant handing out of Xyzal. 

I don't have a picture of it, but yesterday I saw Elliot scale the rock wall on the side of the playset. Second children really are something else. Harrison wouldn't have dared half of what Elliot does with ease. 

You might see children playing outside and coloring with chalk, I'm seeing a spearmint plant that is thriving in a land of many-a-dead potted plant. Don't even ask about the lavender, the two of us have never done well together. 

Anyone else have strange kids? I've caught these two all but licking the pan after dinner, but only if it is french fries that were seasoned with Tony's. 

How Louisiana are my children? Well there consumption of Tony's should clarify that. 

Two things here. 1) We've Pavlov Dog-ed the kids by accident. If the beaters turn on they come running, especially hungry baby Elliot. 

2) He started yelling "No cheese, no pictures Mama!" at me when I took out my phone. 

Last but not least, out first half decent family photo since Elliot's new born shoot. The church had an Easter egg hunt last weekend and the kids had so much fun. Little Ole Elliot, in true second child fashion, shook every egg to decide if he wanted it or not. He did in fact put some back. 

That baby ain't picking no empty or low weight egg. 😂