Hi Blog, it's me Emily

February 22, 2024

In a strange turn of events after a year of a lost .com I seemed to have recovered it. 

Let me tell y'all what happened. The year after Dad died was rough, but all the emotions that I thought I had processed... were unprocessed when we had a miscarriage. In case you are thinking, "Emily what on earth are you talking about?" Well, right before the 1 year anniversary of Dad's passing we got pregnant with our third child.  We were super excited and I was super sick (as per the usual with pregnancy) so I wasn't blogging much through Dec. '22 and into January. Well our 8 week appoint came and everything looked amazing. (Now this is completely my speculating because I never had an issue before getting the shot and then THE sickness.) But I got sick the end of the week after my ultrasound and later found out (at signs of miscarriage) that this is when the baby passed away. 

Recovery was rough, and that is when it really hit that Dad had died. 

So in a hormonal fit of also being sick of this same person emailing me for several years wanting to buy my domain for basically no cost at all and the back end coding changes to blog advertising being a mess … I deleted my domain. 

I tried to get it back, and spent a ton of time talking to my domain host. But it was a wash and never worked. Or at least I thought that was the case. 

When it came time for domain renewal (for that domain I couldn't access but was still paying for) I decided to try one more time and to my amazement... the domain finally worked. 

So here we are. Back with a domain, and it started working on the anniversary of Dad's death (yesterday). 

So I think I'll hope back on the old blog again. Not to fuss with advertisers, but to go back to the journal I started in 2008. We can call 2023 a gap year... or a wash. It was really  wash of me deciding I could be okay and move forward. Maybe I just didn't need to blog during that raw mental state of a year. 

Maybe at the end of it all God was telling me to refocus, which is what I've done. I've pulled back from a lot and focus where I need to. I help Jeremy with 11-12th grade Sunday School, we host a high school bible study on Monday night, and I do anything I am able to with him with the youth group. I'm still teaching upper elementary. I've got my mini garden experiment still going as I wait for the day the raised beds finally get to go up. The sourdough starter has been revived (thanks to a dear friend). The boys are being every ounce of boy they can be. 

And in my millennial midlife crisis of an age... I'm trying to decide whether or not I want to get a sewing machine with quilting capabilities for my birthday. 

So going forward, I'll catch up what has recently been left out. I'll start taking more photos again. And I might even post the miscarriage post that has been sitting in draft for an entire year.