A Guide to Keeping Kids Entertained During Weddings

April 26, 2021

Weddings are special, one-off events during which the bride and groom celebrate their love for each other surrounded by all their family and friends – but tell that to kids. At their age, they probably will not appreciate the meaning of marriage and true love, and instead the wedding day can seem a very long day – leading to boredom or overstimulation and the resulting tears or accidents. To ensure that everyone can relax and enjoy this special day, here is a guide to keeping kids entertained during weddings.


Hire an entertainer

Weddings often involve a lot of time during which kids are expected to remain quiet and well-behaved. Official wedding photographs, for instance, can take a while to organize and while the best man’s speech might be a particular highlight for you, kids can soon become crotchety. You could hire an entertainer for the reception to keep kids entertained during often lengthy wedding speeches. A magician, for instance, will keep your little ones enthralled with mind-boggling magic tricks. This is a particularly good idea if you are not sure whether the best man’s speech will be suitable for little ears!



Surprise your young guests with gifts at their table setting at the wedding venue to keep them entertained throughout the duration of the wedding meal. There is a great selection of fun gifts for kids you could consider that will not blow your budget. A coloring book and crayons is always a fun and absorbing option; or a book will keep them quiet for a bit. You might have some young guests who are playing a larger part in your wedding ceremony, such as flower girls and page boys, in which case you might like to surprise them with a larger gift, like a scooter, to thank them for their contribution.


Organize a quiet room  

With loud music, sugary drinks, and a general air of high spirits, it can be easy for children to become overstimulated at some point during the lengthy wedding day. This might manifest in different ways depending on the child’s individual temperament. They might, for instance, become hyperactive and potentially cause accidents by running around the room; or they could become grumpy and tearful, and potentially have a tantrum. Either way, organizing a quiet room allows them to take a time out and calm down away from the noise and bright lights of the main reception. For instance, a cloakroom kitted out with soft lights and blankets provides a welcome haven away from the sensory overload.


Kids’ table

If you have a number of young guests attending your wedding, you could seat them at a separate kids’ table during the wedding meal. This will give them an opportunity to socialize and have fun with others of a similar age, while also allowing their parents to let their hair down and enjoy the reception. You could even hire a babysitter to supervise them and ensure that they do not become too noisy whilst sat on their own.