Harry & Gretel

December 11, 2020

Harrison and I have a tradition of decorating a gingerbread house every Christmas. 

We painstakingly make sure it is as close to the photo on the box as humanly possible. 

Then we stare at it until Feast of the Epiphany when it is tossed in the trash, after serving it's purpose. 

This year we spent two days assembling and decorating (because I accidentally bought a house that wasn't preassembled). 

Elliot has now spent the following two days eating the house. 

He staretd on the Christmas lights. 

Took swipes at the Christmas trees between bites of his Red Beans & Rice. 

Attempted to break off the peppermint balls. 

Snuck off as much royal icing snow as humanly possible. 


Before finally ripping the chimney right off the house and devouring it like a little squirrel. 

I give this house one more week before he has licked it clean and our tradition next year is to make two house so Elliot has one of his own to just snack on. Although I suspect he enjoys the stealing aspect of it based on the giggles I hear coming from the dining room.