Amazon Lounge Wear You'll Love

December 7, 2020

 I got together with a few friends and we found all of our favorite lounge wear prints that are perfect for gifts this season. 

Or let's be real honest, none of us are dressing up for holiday parties this year... so you might as well get some festive comfy clothing that can seamlessly transition from that couch nap to driving around to look at lights on Christmas Eve. 

Above you'll see the tags for my friends on Instagram, go follow them and check out their lounge wear links. Everyone is linked up in their profile! 

Oh and if you need the perfect Christmas season necklace... Mimosa Handcrafted (out of Baton Rouge) has you covered. I love her jewelry and it's is all very well made by hand in her shop. I am in LOVE with her Nativity Bar Necklace. 

So this Christmas Eve, Day, Day After Christmas Day... you'll find me cruising around town wearing this... and I am so very tempted to snatch up the red set as well!