Simply Earth September Essential Oil Recipe Box || You Stinker

August 30, 2020

Guess what came in the mail y'all? Another essential oil box from Simply Earth. 

I find myself saying this every month, but I've not convinced myself this is because the boxes are curated for that particular month/season. When I opened this box to discover a few favorite oils and find the theme to be "You Stinker" I was pumped... because what else describes September. 

Hot. Muggy. Yuck.  

As always with each box you get recipe cards and goodies to help you make the recipes. There are also 4 full size oils included in each month's box. 

This month's oils were:

Blood Orange - uplifting, cleans, soothes pain (Kid Safe 2+)
Lemon Eucalyptus - repels insects, deodorizes (Kid Safe 2+)
Clove - supports focus and immune system (Kid Safe 10+)
Defender Blend - boosts immunity, kills germs (Kid Safe 10+)

You box will also come with wool balls & cotton bag for a diffuser recipe and a spray bottle for a body spray. 

On the back of the Drawer Deodorizer recipe card this month is all of the info about the oils. Even down to cat or dog safe, how to dilute it, pregnancy safe, and kid safety ages like I mentioned above. I think it's great that Simply Earth isn't about just convincing your to buy their product and not thinking of your safety, they include info in each month's box to help to decide where and when to use these oils. 

These big ole 15 ml bottles just make me so happy, and last so long! 

The first thing I dug into was the Defeat the Reek Diffuser Blend, a house full of boys needed this. 

I'll definitely be making a roller bottle blend with the Lemon Eucalyptus to ward off all the bugs out here in the country. 

This body spray has my absolute favorite oil blend ever in it... Defender. This blend goes by many names, Thieves, Fighting Five, but it's a great blend for warding off the sickies. Plus it smells great. 

This month's box is also supporting Exodus Cry, and 13% of profits go to this organization. Exodus Cry is shifting culture, changing laws, reaching out, and creating films that are changing the way people think about human trafficking in society. 

Overall, this month was another great box. After you get the September box, be on the lookout for October and its DIY Spa Day theme! 

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