The Last Days of Summer

August 16, 2020

Forgive me for the big ole dump of a post, I still haven't gotten a hang on juggling real life, blog life, and working after 5 months off life again. 

We've been soaking up the slow days as much as possible, especially any slow Saturday that Jeremy isn't busy with a youth group something or other. This past Saturday Jeremy needed to run up to Sam's and toted Harrison along as a easy way to get the kiddo his school shoes. 

Shocker. Harry has picked out roughly the same exact shoe every year I've not let him wear real tennis shoes. 

Elliot was left with me. And disgruntled. 

How dare the big boys leave him. He's a big boy too. 

So I put him in the tub with ball pit balls, he was still angry. There's no changing his mind. 

Monday I didn't have meetings so I kept the kids home for one last Mom Day before chaos of real life ensues again. 

We played in the pool and ate popsicles. 

I shaped up the big one's hair, he last cut left a lot to be desired. This should at least buy me another month. He has the same "not wavy but not straight" texture I have and I have tried time and time again to convince stylist to leave the top all one length and keep the dang thinning shears away. Well my usual favorite wasn't around and I had gotten comfortable not having to say much, because she did such a great job. 

I should have said more. It didn't work out. Why are little boy haircuts such a dang pain? 

As you can tell they just hate this kiddie pool.


I finally broke down and ordered the Cafe Collection from NutPods, totally worth it. Although I wish I could order just a box of Toasted Marshmallow. If you're looking for a non-dairy coffee creamer this is really where it is at. My only suggestion is to make sure you measure your serving otherwise the small box lasts no time. But if you follow the Tbsp serving it'll last 21 days. 👏

Y'all know I've tried them all too, back in the day (when we lived in Thibodaux) I even made my own.

This friends is my perfect depiction of not handling seeing 6am very well. 

Coffee without the filter.

Pray for me when I have to start getting up at 5am to get Harry and I to school by 7:15. I'll have to prep my coffee the night before. 

Back in the class means I'm busting out my essential oils more than ever. For parent video calls it was a day of Energy and Peppermint from Simply Earth

Next week I'll be sharing their September box, y'all it's all my all-star oil favorites in one box. So be on the lookout for that. 

After a whole year of not teaching in my own room, decorated my way, I was beyond stoked to get this room together. 

I started gathering my pencil theme when I was set to teach 1st at Delcambre Elem. So when I got into this room I reordered the pencil border and got to work. 

Focus Board for ELA and the calendar. I'm really happy to have a magnetic chalk board. I've also got a spot for a weekly quote as well as my trusty big ole piece of paper showing you where you better put your heading. 

Also, I spy my 3rd grade DES team, I've gotta print out my 5th team too. I loved working with those ladies. 

I'm going to be teaching Science and ELA, but with the pandemic only the teachers are swapping rooms. So I've made spaces for all subjects on the boards so we can both display what we need. For science I'm going the anchor chart route and making pretty charts for whatever we are working on. 

The beloved RACES writing strategy finally made it off of a anchor chart and got its own board this year. 

Back corner and Math Board. 

I've gotta wrangle a better situation with those computers, but it's working for now. 

My fabulous class flag, it says welcome in floral fabric. Plus the birthday corner. 

I'm really excited about the visual voice cue I saw on Pinterest. Kids have the best intentions but not always the best memory (like adults) and can get louder than you'd like. 

That yellowish border you can see is the pencil border from the Target Dollar Spot. 

I've also put one of a skinny Sterilite drawers on my computer cart to act as a moving classroom for myself when I am going back and forth to my second class. 

A close up of RACES. 

And some kinda sorta Quaran-Memes, what do you even consider this weird masked phase of life that better dang well end soon? 

For real, if I like it I'm gonna need y'all to back off that house.