Life Lately

September 2, 2020

 There's light at the end of the hybrid school year tunnel, supposedly we might just maybe kinda sorta go 5 days at the end of this month. 

Turns out that not being in the path of Hurricane Laura is just as stressful as deciding each and every hurricane if one should evacuate. 

Most of our friends hunkered down. I'm hearing my MIL in Monroe just got power back today, and my sister in Alexandria is still without power and water. My cousins in Natchitoches seem to have power here and there but are dealing with damage. 

Y'all this was a super storm. 

Katrina was just a bad thunderstorm in Monroe when it finally got there. We still had classes and I still went to work. 

So to soothe myself... I made Working Girl Red Beans and Rice. 

A former LAFMB writer friend runs that site and she is legit on the Cajun recipes friends. 

Outside of my class theme being pencils... it's all about the color. I need that room to be as bright and cheerful as possible and if you need an Advil when you leave I can hand you one. 

We had a slight run-in with the electricity again. Friday morning I got up at exactly 3:58AM to head to the ladies room and at the moment I sat my booty back in bed the power shut down. I didn't go back to sleep (makes for a terrible Emily) and then I got ready for work at 5:20 in absolute darkness with intensifying anger. 

I'm not exaggerating when I tell you I think we've lost power more this year than I can recall being without power in all 34 years of living in Louisiana. 

So I went to Starbucks because again... no power. I ordered online, got there and the line was insane so I tried to walk in to grab my already completed drink. Doors are locked and they're ignoring me. 

I basically donated 5 bucks to them, we had to get to work and I couldn't sit in that line any longer (I'd already been there 20 minutes). 

So a touch later, when Jeremy and Elliot are finally moving he notices I left Harrison's lunch box on the table. 

Of course I did. I couldn't see it in the dark. 

And he saved the students day as well by bringing me coffee. 

No lie, before the coffee and after a lack of sleep they said I wasn't as peppy as usual. 

And because I love a good Cajun meme.