How to Make Your Anniversary Special

August 18, 2020

Whether it’s your first anniversary or your fiftieth, it’s always good to do something as a couple to remind yourself of just how much you mean to one another, and to remember the reasons you were married in the first place. It can be hard to decide what you should do, especially if you want to surprise your spouse, as there are so many choices these days, and this is why it pays to start planning early. If you want to make your anniversary a special one, here are some ideas to help you plan the perfect day. 

A Gift 

One of the elements that makes most people so stressed when it comes to their anniversary is the gift. This is a pity since the day should be an enjoyable one, celebrating your love, rather than one that causes you pain and upset. Starting early when it comes to thinking of what you can buy as anniversary gifts is a good idea. Listen to what your partner is saying, and if they mention something specific that they would like, this could be the ideal gift. 
Otherwise, something that comes from the heart is perfect. A personalized gift, flowers, jewelry, something handmade, or anything else that you have taken the time to think of and know they will like is ideal. 

Breakfast in Bed 

If you want to have a whole day of anniversary fun, then starting with breakfast in bed is a great idea. Prepare a romantic breakfast and serve it in an attractive way, and the day will start perfectly. Make it even more special by including a glass of champagne, or serving food that you wouldn’t normally eat at home but that you both love. 
You can also make your special breakfast very simple; toast and butter with a cup of tea is going to be just as well received as salmon, eggs, and gourmet coffee if you make an effort to make it look nice and put some thought into the idea. If you can, why not wake up early and enjoy the sunrise together while tucking into your wonderful breakfast? This is a very romantic way to start the day. 

Watch the Sunset 

Depending on the time of year, the sunrise could be an early one, and that might just be too early for you or your spouse. If that’s the case, don’t worry; watch the sunset instead. It’s just as romantic to sit there and enjoy the beauty of nature, and you won’t be feeling quite so tired either. 
Work out a great place to go to watch the sunset if you can’t do it from home (whether you can or not will depend on the location of your property and the direction it’s facing) and perhaps you can even take a picnic with you. After a romantic day, watching the sunset together is a great way to finish. It’s amazing how much closer you will feel to one another after experiencing something so beautiful together.