Simply Earth June Essential Oil Recipe Box || Oily Aid Kit

May 31, 2020

This month's Simply Earth Box came in and it's all things Oily Aid! Consider it your crunchy "first aid" kit. 

With a house full of boys and it being the beginning of summer... (I know I say it often) but this one was timed just right! 

This month's box included:

Aloe Vera Gel
Dried Calendula Flowers
Cardamom Essential Oil
Lavender Essential Oil
Timer Blend Essential Oil
Bumps & Booboos Blend Essential Oil

The Timber blend is new to Simply Earth and they yet again hit it out of the park. All my slightly crunchy friends will understand what I'm saying when I say this... it smells like the best smelling crunchy earthy health food store you ever went in. In the best way possible. 

I say that as someone who thinks the smell at Whole Foods should be a candle! 

This new blend is intended to be calming (which it totally is) and supports skin health. 

You probably noticed the other blend that was included -  Bumps & Booboos. 

This blend is a germ killing and skin healing blend (see that EO First Aid theme coming in) This is a kid safe blend for 2+ and has strong notes of Tea Tree. It basically smells like everything my mother slathered on me as a child. 

Now for the recipes! 

With this kit you get a burn salve, skin healing gel, and an infused oil all with the purpose of skin healing. You'll see in the video that I made the burn gel and infused oil. 

There is also a Digest Help Roll On recipe and a No Stress Blend diffuser recipe. 

I diffused the No Stress Blend and let me tell you it is going to also be a roll on, it smells so amazing. 

I'm going to pop the video in at the very bottom, but as always don't forget to use the discount code when you purchase your own box! 

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