Hey Wednesday!

May 6, 2020

It's Wednesday.

I'm just gonna blog and think about the positives, because that big negative that's looming over my head is a tough one at the moment.

First off we've been trying to get our and go walking more in the afternoons after Elliot is up.

I love that their are so many creeks in our area as well as tons of options for walking paths. 

I had to laugh at Elliot here, he wanted to throw this stick in the water really bad... but didn't want to lose the stick. So he kept going through the throwing motion and not letting go. 

On the hunt for festival food I came across my 1955 edition of Acadian Bi-Centennial. The old Cajun recipes for Turtle and what I am assuming is fish that I've never heard of had my cracking up. 

In my quest to update my Instagram highlights I came across this... a week before delivering Elliot. Why can't we all have pregnancy lips all the time? Holy smokes though at that puffy about to deliver face! 

 Birmingham Moms Blog had a Zoom call this week and when it was about my time to speak I panicked. Y'all I've been talking to myself on Insta for YEARS  but hearing that husband playback is always dreadful.

All the bloggers know, blogger husbands are an indifferent group that pick on you for talking to yourself.

So yes, after 11 years of blogging I quickly hid in the playroom with the door shut so no one could hear me.

Blogging is a strange outlet that allows you to journal but skirts the area of narcissism.