Elliot Does Not Approve of Your Music

May 11, 2020

 I've been trying to get back to drinking bone broth.

[Read that as I drank it once last week.]

I use to make a really good bullet proof bone broth back in the Paleo days. I don't know what happened though. That Keto phase reintroduced cheese into my life and I never looked back. Then I got pregnant and rice was the only thing that tasted good for a long time.



There's no helping me, I've gone too far and lost my will power.

Incase you were curious, Elliot doesn't approve of Jeremy's old Christian bad  playlists that include... who am I kidding I don't remember the name of that band. 

Either way, Elliot wasn't amused.

I've quarantined enough. 

Enough was enough. 

I ran out of Trader Joe's freezer meals in March. Before the quarantine. Legit the weekend I was going to restock was the weekend everything froze. 

So I said screw it and went to Trader Joe's this weekend. 

Give me tasty freezer meals, or give me death! 

Jeremy, coincidentally, was on his death bed with a virus for Mother's Day. 

So we went out for a walk + ice cream that was supposed to end in Poke but alas Ono Poke was closed. 

The daiquiri ice sorbet from Edgewood Creamery was the bomb! I want to swatch this blue and paint everything this color.

No poke means sushi, which coincidentally, cost more. I might come down with something over father's day, ya never know do you. 

Funny enough I have had a few items (a lamp large enough to not make me feel like we live in a cave at night, I can't stand the overhead lights in a living room.) in my Target cart and decided to finally use some blog cash to buy them. Jeremy came out of his death bed to thinking his account had been hacked. 

No sir, that was your wife. 

I promptly sent that money to the bank account lol! 

Anyone else almost use the bug spray instead of the cooking spray while camping?