Bird Leaves, Takeout, and Toddler Selfies

May 19, 2020

We're still home. 

Here's a compilation of things the kids have recently said to me... or done. 

"Mama, I don't like honeybuns anymore."

After eating an entire honeybun and running out of said honeybun. 

"Look Mama, it's a bird leaf!"

The children didn't say anything here. But I've been scrambling to do things in the evenings on Tuesday's and Wednesday. On those nights Jeremy has a Zoom bible study with the youth and Wednesday is the livestream of his weekly lesson. You might think "how involved can that be" but let me assure you keeping two kids off Daddy after he's been at work all day is no easy feat. 

These kids have appeared on camera naked after baths. Screamed bloody murder during prayer. And generally caused havoc during this time. 

If you've been on a women's call at any point and wondered where I was... I was dead to the world after wrangling this mess and cooking dinner. 

So last week I went way out of my norm and ordered catering... it was gloriously easy that Wednesday night. 

I call this photo "If you step in that gumbo mud Mama just said to avoid I'm going to make you walk your muddy feet to the creek so Daddy can wash you off as you complain the entire way." 

This photo series is what I'd like to call "don't leave your phone unattended during nap time." There were about 50 more I deleted. 

I don't know how I've convinced them, but they will play nicely in the floor and let me run on an elliptical for 1 mile. I can't physically think about more than one mile. But thank goodness they allow me one mile. 

See also... how did two kids get me so out of shape? 

And this friends is photo proof I exist outside of a selfie. Harrison took it. It's not frame worthy. But it's me, being mama to the kid that will sit in anyone's lap that sits on the floor.