Dalgona Coffee, Earaches, & More Quaran-Memes

March 30, 2020

Nothing like insomnia to lead you to a Korean coffee craze. 

I've now made this with instant espresso and instant coffee. Go for the espresso. It's 100% better. Milk is also better than a milk sub, but I'm lactose intolerant and can't be hyper and stuck in the bathroom at the same time. 

Not a great combo. 

Dalgona Coffee is super easy to make:

2 tbsp instant espresso
2 tbsp sugar 
2 tbsp boiling water

whisk until it's basically a cloud and pour on top of iced milk. 

@mrs.natalie.h over on Instagram started doing this family drawings during quarantine, so I tossed our name into the bucket to have her draw ours.

Y'all it's this precious! I told her I need to get a print of this. I just love it. 

In less exciting news.

I was doing just fine with quarantine until Elliot managed an ear infection.

He doesn't do sick like Harrison. Harry tends to not even act sick unless he is actually near death. Like so far only Flu has really taken him down.

Meanwhile Elliot needs to be in the ICU over a cold.

Toss an ear infection on that and it has been a week of a feverish tumor attached to me via my Ergo carrier. It was nice having Jeremy home this weekend because I could actually not be attached to the kid at all times.

I'm not good at being the sick parent. Jeremy is better at that skill. He can cuddle in a chair all day and not care. I on the other hand am looking around at the floors, laundry, and whatever is currently on my to do list.

I am not a cuddle-er.


Tiger King is quite possibly the best thing that has ever been put on Netflix in terms of weirdo murder documentaries. 

It's got some language, so don't call me fussing. I warned y'all. 

But it is INSANE. 

Anyone else playing 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon with Covid? 

Imma need to call that Tele-Doc for some anxiety meds if this keeps up. I personally would like to lock everyone in this house and not leave until April 30. 

I'm almost at the social distance point of putting Jeremy in a tent outside. 

I had to restock kid items yesterday and went to Publix after my Walmart pickup. Y'ALL. I saw a family of 5. Legit everyone they know was in that buggie cruising around like it was just another Sunday. 

Meanwhile I'm shopping with a Clorox wipe in hand and avoiding stores with packed parking lots. I nearly wore that mask I had to put on when I took Elliot to the doctor the other day. 

What is the point in trying to be careful (because I'd rather not be on a vent) and other people are acting like nothing is happening. School is cancelled nationwide. We weren't even shut down in 2009 during H1N1! 

I think the joy-buggie-riders are the ones who need to watch the news. They need to freak out and maybe they'll stay home. 

Okay, end rant. Because I could go on for days about this.