Quarantine Planning Monday

March 16, 2020

It happened y'all, they shut down school. Church. Life in general. Who would have every thought we'd see such things in our lives.

So to prepare for having to be shut-ins I thought I'd implement a Cat 5 Hurricane plan that happened to include electricity.

Thank the Lord that this doesn't hurt power and water. All my coastal friends know what I'm talking about. Nothing sends me to tears faster than when a driving ban happens at the same time as a power outage.

Instead of a "daily" take on dinner, I'm sharing what all I got to plan to avoid the store for two weeks. I'll go out for milk and such for Elliot, but outings will be hyper minimal. 


Meatballs w Otomot Sauce, Wild Rice, & Green Beans
Burgers, Hotdogs, & Fries
Chicken Spaghetti
BBQ Baked Potatoes
Steves Special
Poppyseed Chicken
Lemon Butter Chicken
Rice & Gravy (with chicken)

And Dirty Rice is I get desperate and don't want to leave.

I aimed to get pretty good shelf stable meals, could they be frozen or maintain a long shelf life. The Gumbo & Jambalaya are both from Jambalaya Girl. She has great shelf stable items, just add chicken and sausage (both stay frozen at our house. ) I bought about 10 lbs of potatoes. Hopefully I have enough rice though.

Some of those items I can make more than once with what I have on hand. I also bought a few veggies that hold up in the fridge for a longer amount of time, like broccoli and carrots. I just avoided the pre-chopped because they sour quicker.

What kind of meals are you making during the Great Lock-in of 2020?