Pass a Good Quarantine...

March 23, 2020


Can't exactly pass a good time if you're under stay in orders.

Meal Planning 

No real change here.

Lunch this week is Breakfast Quesadillas (sausage or bacon, eggs, cheese, on a Ole low carb tortilla with fruit)

I added Pioneer Woman Comfort Meatballs to the meal list... we had really only removed one meal from last week's list.

Granted we were out a bit more than I preferred last week due to having guests, but it was all takeout.

Daily Grind 

Yesterday was out first church service online. Surprisingly Harrison was glued in nearly the entire hour.

Elliot is steady digging through everything we own.

I've put a bit of a loose schedule in place for us, Jeremy is at work and it's just me and the kiddos.

7:30 - everyone should be up and eating breakfast/watch a show

- Mama gets a shower, dress the kids.

- Bible Story (Youtube has a ton of great animated options that hold his interest and give me a chance to fix my hair somewhat)

- Letter review (We started doing the Learning Dynamics 4 Weeks to Read recently... I'll talk more on that below) and learning games

9:30 - 10am - Snack

11 - 11:30 am (depending on when they ask) lunch outside on the porch. Play outside until nap time for Elliot.

12:20 - Elliot naps, Harrison does a new Learning Dynamics Lesson and has quiet time after.

2:30 - 3pm - Elliot should be waking up - Mama get's a Pure Barre On Demand workout in during this time before he's up and moving.

3pm - snacks and play outside is the weather is nice

4pm - Jeremy should be getting home - free play for the rest of the day

5pm - dinner get's started

6:30pm - baths and bed routine begins

7:30 pm - bedtime

Home Learning 

Initially I planned to start this over the summer, but we are jumping on it early with the forced break from school.

Harrison, as I've mentioned before, has a language delay. He didn't begin speaking until we started speech when he was 3 and then didn't really become conversational until June of 2019 (just over 4). With that he has struggled to learn and maintain what he has learned with letters at school. Math and logics seem to make more sense to him, fine by me... as long as everything isn't a struggle.

So with this delay and really only recently recognizing certain letters I decided to get the 4 Weeks to Read program. Not so much with the intent to have him reading by August(Kindergarten) but mainly wanting him more familiar with all the letters and their sounds.

We've only made it through 3 lessons (I'm taking weekends off and just practicing those letters on Saturday & Sunday) but I'm seeing an improvement in what he is retaining. To practice the letters after going through the Learning Dynamics lessons I am using Khan Academy Kids and just practicing those particular letters.

Y'all it's actually working.

Hopefully this continues to work for us. I've got a set of letter cards that my K teaching mother made and we flash those, we also practice the letters by running to find whatever I call out on their playroom mat that is the alphabet. Interesting enough, he couldn't look at a card and tell me what it was the other day, but if I called it out he could write the letter in chalk on the sidewalk.

I've got a mover for a learner, so that will have to be taken into consideration in the future.

I think that's all I have time for at the moment... Elliot appears to have gotten quiet and that is never good with this baby. I'll be back Wednesday!