Maybe We're a Two Kid Family || & More QuaranMemes

April 5, 2020

It's. Been. A. Week. 

Hence the fact that I wasn't here Wednesday or Friday. 

First off, we finally got guidance for what to do work wise. I need a plan. Hello Enneagram 1 here! So two weeks sans any sort of plan had me quite irritated. 

Now that we've got a plan I'm good. 

Monday night my grade level had a Zoom meeting about what we were going to do. So Tuesday morning when Elliot woke up chipper (for Elliot standards) I got to planning in the play room. Mainly because someone's tree fell and knocked the power out and I firmly believe that family owes the entire street tacos for the inconvenience. 

Who the heck allows for a power outage in the midst of the biggest sickness since Spanish Flu? 

In more Elliot related news. 

Don't check out mamas, not even for 5 seconds because the sounds of children is grating on your nerves. 

One minute on Facebook and my glasses were dead to the world. We couldn't find any super glue, so until (14-21 days) that online optical place delivers I'm sporting glasses held together with prayers, epoxy, and a touch of duck tape that keeps sticking to my face. 

This photo was taken at a moment Elliot wasn't screaming for some ridiculous reason.

Don't look at it for too long, I don't want you believing the moment lasted longer than it did in reality.

As if Covid wasn't out to get us, the pollen took up the slack. 

Momming alone with sickness is a flat joke. If these kids were 5 years older I would have locked them outside by now and shown them where the water hose is. 

Look now, we survived it, don't judge me. 

One perk, fueled by antihistamines, is that the weather has been cool in the morning and we have a nice fenced in porch. With rocking chairs. So the boys have spent a ton of time outside, where boys belong. 

I always threatened to get to get rocking chairs at our Cherry Palm house and I'll definitely get getting some when we buy a house in the fall. 

Also... notice the throat coat tea with lemon. It's a miracle worker. I drink it every day before teaching (you know, back in the day when we actually saw children in person.) 

Random activities bring up old memories. 

We picked up Chinese takeout last night and it was reminiscent of Pop bringing home takeout from South China in Natchez. We got together with my grandparents every weekend when I was a kid and the cardboard boxes that takeout was put in at South China are a fond memory. 

Elliot's saving grace this weekend is that it seems he will be my Rocky Joe rider. 

My parents got this rocking horse, and this is his original paint color, when I was about his age. Joshua and Harrison didn't care for it much. But this wild child appears to like the rocking horse. 

Fun fact: I name this sucker Rocky Joe and chose the blue color. My mother wanted one of the pretty natural wood stained horses. 

He's held up well for a 33 year old horse. 


I don't drink, but this is sounding like a great idea at this point in the lockdown. 

I seriously have laughed every time I've read this one. Especially the "follow me for more recipes" at the bottom! 

Considering we ended our zoom call trying to change our backgrounds... I had to send this out to my coworkers.

Memes sent to Mike because he doesn't listen. 

Tuscaloosa's got jokes. 

But for real, if I wear an LSU shirt to any teacher trainings I have a heck of a time finding a partner for activities. 

Don't be donating your gremlins right now folks, we don't have time for that. 

Now, I must go. I accidentally left the pantry unlocked and Elliot is eating a honey bun that Harrison opened for him. (and yes I have baby locks on the pantry because Elliot tears this joint up spreading things all over creation if I don't)

This second child y'all! I was fairly strict Paleo with Harrison (because that's all I cooked anyway) and now kid number two is breaking every rule ever set in place in the house. World's more YOLO baby ever.