Pie, Pools, and Teething Babies

September 6, 2019

We are coming to a close on our first month in Alabama. I can't say I'm a resident yet... it took Jeremy roughly two tries before the DMV would take him. 

Make that 3 actually because I was on one of those attempts. 

He's good. But my lack of time in the day and a desperate need for a body double means I have got to get this done this week. 

I finally made the Atlantic Beach Pie from Food52 this week and it was TO. DIE. FOR.  I think I'll go less sweet on the whip cream and not add vanilla next time. It didn't call for it but I went standard on my whip and this did not need it. Seriously, it was so good and so easy that I immediately wrote it on a recipe card from memory. 

Anyone else? 

That IGK dry shampoo is life and has surpassed Dry Bar by leaps and bounds. 

There, I said it, I get one more hair day out of this stuff. 

Having a yard means sending Daddy to the dollar store for a pool. I thought this would perk up a sad kid that weekend but as it turned out I was trying to cheer up someone who had a stomach virus and had yet to express it to me. 

One bite of pizza late and my new rug screamed stomach virus. 

I've had puppies that got into less than Elliot. 

He's also cutting 5 teeth at once. There's a possible 6th that is budding but for a flat fact that are 5. The wind hurts me these days. 

Last but not least just a pic I took of Harrison while he was reading to me as I nursed Elliot the other night.