Meal Planning Monday

September 23, 2019

I realized this week I have to simplify. I have only been eating lunch, cooking healthy for dinner, and then filling all the calories I poorly planned for with junk.

My main problem, work is too stressful to want to eat there. I am constantly moving without a chance to even think about food. On top of that I spend the majority of my lunch time pumping and then having to eat my lunch standing up in front of the bathrooms watching students. Luckily I've spent the majority of my two babies worth of pumping at a nice little school that allowed me the time and space to pump and I've made it to this place with only three months left.

And I'm thinking of quitting early. Pumping at least. I've got some frozen milk I found in the bottom of the deep freeze that will last a minute.

Anyway, didn't intend to dump all that information here. Clearly it's just been on my mind.

Monday | Creamy Spinach & Mushroom Chicken (I'll eat mine with cauli rice and Jeremy can have real rice)

Tuesday | leftovers

Wednesday | Mississippi Roast, Rice, & Roasted Broccoli (turns out I didn't even have a roast... now I do. I swear this won't be on here come October lol)

Thursday | leftovers

Friday | Breakfast for dinner - Kodiak Cakes Almond Poppyseed Pancakes with Eggs & Bacon

Saturday | Eating Out

Sunday |


Breakfast | Orgain Clean Protein (premade shake)

Lunch | Burger Bowls - turkey burger, havarti cheese, white bbq sauce, pickles, and lettuce (Tues-Fri with homemade fries)

Snack - Cheese, Turkey Meat Sticks, or Rice Rollers