A Big Fat Dump of Life Lately Photos

September 18, 2019

Disclaimer since I have some new readers: Emily is sarcastic. Rarely is she not joking and never does she complain on here without a sense of humor. If you read anything else into it... that's on you boo. Just thought I'd throw that one out there before anyone thought "GAH she's so miserable." 


When is it going to slow down? 

When will I feel like I have extra time? I really think half of what keeps an Enneagram 1 going is the prospect of extra time. I hate being busy. So just sit down right? No, not possible. I've realized that my intense desire to check everything off of every single list is something specific to my personality type. 

It's rough y'all. 

I don't get to any sort of self care until I've checked off actual real life. No working out (which I desperately need to burn off energy) until life is done... and lately life is rarely giving me space. 

I really didn't intend to vent all of this "feeling" of lack of white space in my calendar but it just bubbled up. 

Like yesterday... rando faculty meeting called... stole nearly 2 hours of my afternoon at home. 

Anyway, on to things that actually cause joy in my life. 

This little hot mess had me laughing this week. Sunday night he came wandering into the bedroom while I was nursing Elliot with their play phone stuffed into his pocket. He gets right in front of me, presses the button to make it ring, and answers it by saying "Hey Dear!" 

Someone clearly pays attention to Daddy when they're riding in the car, that's how Jeremy always answers the phone for me. 

Trader Joe's Acai packets... have I said this already? Go get you some. It's been fun mixing up my regular protein shake with a bowl format. 

I'm really enjoying watching Jeremy in this youth pastor role. Don't get me wrong, it's an adjustment not having him on the same schedule I'm on but he is fulfilling a call on his life and it's fun to see it come to fruition. 

This past Wednesday he had some popsicle challenge as part of what they are doing working towards Winter Retreat. Earning points and what not. It was hilarious. Teenagers, boys included, are some of the most dramatic just for the sake of it individuals alive and I was crying laughing. 

When you're a blogger you have to sneak photos, or it didn't even happen, right?!

If you've ever wondered what conversations with my sister are like. 

He funeral is scheduled for next Tuesday, she doesn't listen. 

Saturday I got my DL and as of today I got my plates. I'm an Alabama resident and I don't know how I feel about that. I've been saying I'd move from Louisiana in a flash and as soon as I realized that Monjuni's is a Louisiana brand and Cajun Garlic Power isn't sold all willy nilly everywhere. 

Don't tell me to Prime it either. 

That costs double. 

I'll be making a stocking up run when I go back home for Columbus Day. I didn't even want to make BBQ shrimp until I couldn't. 

Apple art is a thing. Happy face apple art to be exact. 

An incredibly expensive type of art to take up at these Walmart Ambrosia Apple prices. 

I now understand that meme with kids taking one bite from 90 apples. There are people who can vouch for me, we had an actual disagreement over the fact that he tried to take 3 bites from 4 over priced apples this weekend.