Harrison's First Day of Pre-K 4!

August 21, 2019

Full disclosure: I took these after church. Mama is up and long gone before the kids are ready to leave. I honestly wonder how some families do breakfast and photos. These people like to sleep in too much for all of that. 

This year comes with a lot of changes all at once for this little boy and he's doing pretty okay considering. 

Going to a new church has been rough, he's like his Mama. I can come off as an extrovert but I don't like attention. Same for him, he needs to fly under the radar in a new situation and that's when he becomes really friendly. 

:::Yearly Questions:::
What's your name? Harrison I'm 4 years old
How old are you? ** no answer**
Favorite color? blue
Favorite toy? ninja turtles
Favorite food? chicken nuggets
Favorite tv show? ninja turtles
Favorite animal? duckies
Favorite song? Jesus (Jesus Loves Me)
Favorite book? Jesus book (who knows because this could be that nativity book we have or anything)
Who's your best friend? Joshua (his cousin)
What do you want to be when you grow up? Jesus (well this surely won't work out, can you tell I asked these after Sunday School today lol)