Elliot at 9 Months

August 1, 2019

Happiest Baby on the Block is really testing that title this month. Wonder Weeks Leap (what feels like 100) came in strong!

Elliot's Current Stats:

❊ Age – 9 months old
❊ Weight & Height – 22.6 lbs and 27 inches

❊ Eat – He's gotten much better at Baby Led Weaning but is no Harrison about food. He likes raw veggies to gnaw on but isn't always wanting to get super messy. He'd rather I just feed him off of my fork in that instance. The child has a sweet tooth, he got a bite of my banana pudding at our beloved Sherri's last night and he was in love. And demanding, he needed more. Funny because H never had sugar touch his lips until his first birthday. 
❊ Sleep – Travel this month has messed with him but I've finally knocked him back to only eating once at night and that has really helped. Otherwise he was wanting to eat every time he has a sleep transition. 

❊ Recent Milestones – It's been a big summer. We camped in Broken Bow, OK. He went to the beach at Perdido Key, but hated it so he stayed inside after the first day. Elliot says "babababa" nonstop and blows raspberries. He waves some. He is starting to get on his knees some but knows he can move fast army crawling so he isn't that dedicated. 

❊ Special Moments – I had a good laugh watching them on the monitor one night, and was simultaneously told by my previous room sharing husband to let them be. Harrison wasn't just getting in bed and going to sleep but getting his flashlight out and they were giggling and playing in there for 10 minutes. Unless they are exhausted everyone plays and giggles before passing out. Hopefully this love continues for years to come. 

Mama’s Experience – Month 8 was hard. He hit that Wonder Week and developmental stage where he knows I've left and will cry to make me return. Since the first half of that month involved his Daddy being out of the country in Brazil it was rather exhausting. Two weeks of just Mama and that nonsense meant I would hide just out of sight so everyone would play well without needing to be held. 

❊ Comparison – Now that I've looked up the post about Harrison I'm a tab wide eyed, he was only 19.6 lbs while Elliot is 22. H was also trying to pull up and was pushing up to sitting more. Elliot is almost to that pushing up to sitting stage, he's on the verge but not trying to pull up at all. Just like big brother he has two teeth. Overall Elliot is a much more curious baby. He doesn't want things to be difficult for him (quitting eating if he gags) and gets frustrated easily. And let me assure you that this month he learned to pitch a fit real good. 

It's funny how different they are. Harrison takes after me and Elliot is all Jeremy. Minus the heads. H is Jeremy's head shape and Elliot has mine.