Creating Your Dream Home for You and Your Partner

August 27, 2019

Today's guest post is all about taking the steps to create a home you will love. Check out the steps the author suggests and then tell me below in the comment what else you did to create a home you adore! 


As you begin to settle into a loving and stable relationship that will go the full distance, it’s time to start planning where and how to settle. You and your partner might be planning on having children, or you may be choosing to focus on your careers for the next period of time, but, either way, you’re going to want a delightful home to return to nightly. This article exposes the most important aspects of creating a home for you and your partner through all stages of your beautiful relationship.

The Home
Of course, a dream home isn’t just created – it’s also bought or rented. You can’t build a house on the sand, and you’re unable to build your dream home interior inside a home that you feel isn’t really for you.
As such, you need to make sure that you’ve found a home that you’re genuinely excited to move into, that you know you can alter and adapt to your needs, and that you cannot wait to spend months and years in with your partner.
Walls and Floors
Let’s now start looking at the basic structural elements to your home. You’ve got large surface areas to play with in the form of the floors and the walls, including windows and doors. Here is your first opportunity to make some changes, which is especially significant if you’re just moving into a home and you’re able to make these changes soon.
Consider hard floors and rugs, instead of the higher-maintenance carpets that are usually in homes you’ll inherit. For walls, you might wish to consider taking down wallpaper and painting instead. Children are notoriously messy, which means hard floors and easy-to-repaint walls are your go-to.
Exciting Furniture
Your dream home isn’t an IKEA haven – it’s somewhere into which you’ve injected more than a little of your awesome personalities. As such, this is where you should get creative and excited. How can you help create a sense of togetherness and an investment in your relationship, through your home?
The answer, of course, is that you should shop for a wider range of products that suit your personal tastes and needs. Check out to see the range of woods and cabinets you can have installed in your home, or head to an antiques fair or auction to buy in characterful items that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.
Personal Touches
Now come the personal touches. Here, you’re focusing mainly on your ability to decorate your home with the small and meaningful items that bring you together. So, you should be thinking about things like framed photographs, kept souvenirs, fridge magnets, cooking stuff, and even a duvet cover that you both love.
All of these personal touches are what tell you – and your guests – that this is your home and one in which you’ve really injected your characters and your hope and love for the future. What better place than this to live in?
Create your dream home with your partner by following and taking inspiration from these easy steps.