August 14, 2019

Big changes have been happening at our house and I haven't been able to be completely open about it until recently. It's weird to change jobs and move. Especially when you've been a blogger that shares it all and has for a decade. Keeping something to yourself can be odd. 

So after many a back and forth trip to Alabama, Jeremy took a position as the youth pastor at a church right outside of Birmingham. 

Can I go ahead and say that just on the job front it is weird to me. We met in psychology, he's worked as a psychologist for 6 years. Basically the whole 11 years of us being together has been interlaced with psychology conversations that it'll be strange to see that go. 

Our last time over the "big water" as H calls it as Louisiana residents. (Lake Pontchartrain)
On the flip side when we were last involved in a youth group together I was much more wild and fancy free since we didn't have the boys yet. Now this mama will be on lockdown and not going and doing trips like she once did.

In other moving news, here are my curious boys at Lowes. Right before the check out clerk thought Elliot was so chubby it warranted other clerks to come see. Don't worry that doesn't offend me, I was cracking up. 

At this point I thought the mountain of boxes couldn't get bigger... they did in fact get much much bigger. 

I had to hit up Pop's Poboys before we left. Get the Burger Poboy Southern Style if you go. It's legit, and also topped with pimento cheese and fried pickles. Their pimento cheese is amazing.

An awful picture of Elliot but he was loving Brandon letting him eat all of the fries. 

We also had dinner with Sherri, David and Alice before we left. I snagged some sour dough starter that makes the absolute most amazing bread. We shall see how it faired in the move, I fed it today for the first time since the little starter's big car adventure.

Elliot couldn't hang. After being covered from head to toe in bread and banana pudding he passed slap out.

Kali realized we had never taken a single photo together in two years. Blame it on the fact that we are generally looking worn down (as seen above on moving day) or eating dessert late at night. When the 4 of us hang out it generally isn't photo worthy. It is just chatting and eating. This was our photoshopped attempt as a photo together.

Now when baby girl gets here you can bet I'll make sure we all have a photo together.

At this point the house is basically settled in. I'm still looking for a few items that I packed away when we sold our house, but other than that I can cook and that's all that matters. I consider something livable when the kitchen and bathrooms are done. Mainly the kitchen though. Cooking makes me feel a sense of normal.

Bt the way, how are these kids big enough to bathe together? We finally got the hot water fixed yesterday and they were beyond happy about a nice hot bath. We all were.

Don't get me wrong, we had offers from church friends to let us use their showers, but after all of the moving I couldn't stomach the idea of packing a bag to shower elsewhere. So I bathed the kids by boiled water on the stove and mixing it into the tepid water from the tub for a few nights.

But hey, we are tent campers. We can survive anything right?

Last but not least, this is fitting since we just exited World Breastfeeding Week... moving + letting myself dehydrate + aunt flo coming earlier with Elliot than it did with H is a recipe from low supply. Hopefully that evens out soon, because this mixed with a baby cutting two eye teeth at once means my sleep can't be compared to that of Rip Van Winkle.

So other nursing mamas... don't be discouraged. External factors effect this often. Just adjust your macros (I've found count macros has helped my supply this time around), drink all the Mother's Milk tea you can, and use your LaVie when you pump. It'll get back to normal soon.

And I think that rounds out what's been going on lately.

Once the house is totally fixed up I'll do a photo tour of where we are. We are currently renting a modular home way our in the woods. Like way out folks... I've never lived without near by neighbors so this is essentially camps for me lol!