Sir Paul & One On One World Tour 2017

July 19, 2017

Dreams came true and I finally got to see a Beatle. 

Thanks to the boom of social media over the past few years we were able to see that Paul McCartney was coming to our area in enough time to get the fan club price tickets and book them a day before the actual release. 

I tried to see him several years ago when he was in New Orleans, but the only tickets left were $500. 

I asked Mom when exactly I became Beatles obsessed and she said it started when I was about Harrison's age with The Monkees and it developed into The Beatles from there.

So lifetime.

The thing of equal or lesser value would be if Elvis came back from the dead.

Or George. Let George come back and I'll be there.

Which brings me to Jeremy admitting that he new I used having a great great uncle named Harrison as a family name cover up to name my child after the Beatle I share a birthday with.

Good thing is that since it's all out in the open, I can now start my petition to name another child after a Beatle or one of their songs.

So concert.

It was the most incredible concert I've ever seen, and I've been to see 3 of the legends (Newton, Jones, & Richard) and Paul absolutely blew any concert I've seen out of the park. You'd think he was my age and not 75.

No joke, he and his band played 40 songs for 3 hours... without ever leaving the stage or drinking water. He had guitar swaps constantly for tuning, but that was as close to a pause as he got. Taking off his guitar and handing it to a roadie.

I created a Spotify play list of the set list if anyone is interested. I'll link it below.

I thought I was out of my mind getting teary eyed during certain songs, but after we met up with my cousin the next day it turns out she did the same. I felt like one of the teenagers in videos who are sobbing at the barricade of a Beatles concert in the 1960's.

Now to save from posting a ton of pictures and video, and for mostly my own record of the event, I compiled everything I took that night onto a single YouTube video. It's long, but not 3 solid hours of concert long. Just highlights from the whole thing, a few pictures, and my InstaStory at the very end.

Somewhere around minute 9 is the Live and Let Die performance. If you watch anything be sure to watch that. It was insane. We were sitting pretty far back at the Century Link Center in Bossier and when the first explosion when off I jumped out of my skin and you could feel the heat. I'm surprised Paul had hair when it was over with.

Mom, my loving concert buddy, even surprised me with the tour tshirt that I was admiring behind the intense merch line before the show. I told her I wasn't going to the bathroom, and I didn't. I'd rather wet my pants than miss a minute of looking at Paul on stage. Waited my whole life for that... nope, no potty breaks.

Anyway, best show ever! I told Jeremy that if he comes near us again I want us to go together. It was incredible.

Here's the Spotify play list of the set list.