Food Network Star S13 Ep 9 Recap - Food Trucks

July 31, 2017

I'm scratching my head after last night.

Amy was sent home. 

How you ask? I do not know. She flubbed the ending of a segment and kind of sort of didn't use tortilla chips when B. Flay was clearly craving the salty experience of a Tostito. 

Rusty & Jason jacked up the food truck challenge something else. Rusty literally yell-presented the segment. He scared the guy so bad I'm sure he's closed the truck down and moved to a monastery. 

Jason had zero sense of timing and tried to rush the grilled cheese along... crashing and burning in the process. He talked about some maple dip for ages and then called it gravy. 

Matthew did very well. 

Insert side eye. 

Amy did great, burned her mouth like a crazed woman, but she presented well. 

Then we got to Game Day What the Heck Segment. The land of nothing anyone would want to eat. 

The land of Giada never having eaten pizza before and not knowing that Pap John slaps mozzarella on everything and you can't taste the delicate flavors of preshredded potato starch covered cheese there either. 

Let's continue on...

Rusty did decent, he food looked good. Giada was terrified of it. I was offended that anyone would use Kobe Beef for a hotdog. Not that Rusty made the hotdogs... some crack headed company out there did.

Jason forced the contestants to cut deviled chili eggs in half. Good for them, they'd gag on a whole egg.

Matthew again did well.


Amy's slider was good, just lacking chips, she kind of messed up the ending... and was ejected from the game because of it.

Never mind Rusty screaming, or Jason sucking all night long... nope send home Amy, because she messed up maybe 1/2 a challenge.

I just can't even cope with this. I think Food Network knows who they want to win and are just cutting throats all the way there.

Makes about as much sense as Trace and his Campbell's Tomato Soup Bell Pepper Bowl.