Five on Friday

July 28, 2017

This has been yet another week of barely taking photos.

So did we actually live? Does life count if you don't Instagram it these days.

Clearly it does... but jeez at having to document everything.

This must be some post Paul McCartney high issue. I've taken maybe 6 photos in the past two weeks. What's left in life? Nothing. Nothing can top McCartney.

Just kidding... but seriously.


If anyone would like Ellie they can have her. I'm over this old dog and her nonsense. I literally mopped every single day for a week due to her need to pee in my kitchen. Guess who is kenneled at night now. Not me. I pee in the appropriate places.

This photo perfectly shows her feelings towards me and my need for her to behave and be clean.

Like I told a friend the other day, I feel bad that I'm so over dealing with an old dog and her behavior, especially in a time when most people I know are in the puppy phase and SO IN LOVE. Plus hearing people who have puppies say, " You'll get another one for Harrison." Um, no. I've had a dog my entire life and this particular one since I was 20. Having to travel with a dog is a pain. If it wasn't for a neighbor who gladly dog sits I think I would be out of my old dog blasted mind.

Really she has no idea how much I appreciate her taking our dog when we travel, especially after years of driving hours to leave the dogs with my parents. (especially after the Maddie debacle the one time we let someone else keep our dog)

Ignore me though, I'm just bitter because I've had to mop 40356 times this week.


I recorded another podcast with Kimberly from The Mommy Pro this week, be on the lookout... I'll share it when it's live.


The Pioneer Woman's recipe for iced coffee concentrate is life. I typically love a hot drink, but this summer is brutal, so cold coffee it is!


I started 21 Day Fix this week. I tried doing it shortly after Harrison and it 1) caused my milk supply to vanish and 2) was too difficult after what pregnancy and that love birth did to me. I've made it to day 5 and am actually liking it. I'm sore from top to bottom and in between, but I can actually get through the workouts.

That's something no one tells you about having a baby, it takes a long time to bounce back for some. I know there are women out there who are chipper and up and going immediately, but that wasn't me. It didn't help that his posterior birth caused so much dang damage down there. I couldn't stand for the song portion of church, much less do a legit exercise. Don't think I was a slug during pregnancy either, I was working out until 8 months when my body just couldn't handle being alive any longer.

After that it was downhill.

All that rambling to say, I'm actually like 21 Day Fix. I just wish they wore more clothing.


Work starts back up next week. I'm sobbing. Lucky for my cutting corners self I set up my room so that I had almost nothing to do this year. I just have to drag things off the counter tops and decorate one bulletin board. Other than that everything is ready to go.

Being the child of a teacher, I just can't spend weeks of my summer up there. It's not fair to my family to drag the kid up to the room. Not to mention, I'd rather be at the zoo, painting, or playing in the yard than going to work before I have to. No other job expects you to do that over your vacation.

I also don't believe it makes you a better teacher to live your life for it. It's probably not a popular opinion I hold, but it's my opinion. My job doesn't determine who I am as a person, and the hours of my life at work will mean nothing to my kid when I'm on my deathbed one day. I won't think, "I wish I were a better teacher." I also won't work past retirement. Work is work.

Okay, end rant filled Five on Friday.