Five on Friday

July 7, 2017

I am honestly not sure what we've done this week, and there is barely any photographic proof of any of it.

[ONE] I have no clue what happened Monday. Zero.

[TWO] We hung out with friends Tuesday for the 4th. We were not at a lake. There were no firework. Kids took naps. We ate. The dog tried to claw her way through our backdoor when we suggested she go potty and then someone set off a nuclear bomb (in her mind).

[THREE] Wednesday I took H to the Mini Movers program at the library. He didn't want to stay and suggested he go to the children's area to do something unorganized. He was even so polite as to say "ta ta" to everyone in the room and then blow them kisses.

It didn't work out for him.

We did in fact stay. And to top it off he did in fact get over his toddler self and have fun.

I swear this toddler stage is a two edged sword of cuddly kisses and wanting to run away from home.

[FOUR] Thursday we all wandered to the ENT for Jeremy's post operation checkup. The scoped him and I was more than happy that I stayed in the waiting room with the toddler. Hour one of the waiting room involved a calm child who sat mostly still and read magazine (looked for puppies) and ate a snack.

Hour two ended with Bozo the Clown calling out patient names (seriously he was mocking the nurse and calling people...luckily they found it funny) and doing anything he could for a laugh. Towards the end a teenager came in with the same curly locks as Harrison, he swept his bangs out of his face with his hands, and then Harrison proceeded to do the same... standing in front of the kid... the rest of the time we were in there. He also directed new patients to their seats and talked the nurses out of stickers.

He also wore sunglasses as pictured below.

Personality isn't lacking here.

[FIVE] Someone posted this hooded towel on InstaStory and I immediately tracked it down to buy it. Harrison is going to freak out when this comes in tomorrow. He's obsessed with Ninja Turtles, hence the one in his hand above. We go no where without a turtle.