Current Happenings January

January 13, 2016

Eating: If you've seen my Instagram I think you'll know the answer to this one, Whole30. I feel much better eating this way for sure. Lately I've been looking around at my favorite recipes and seeing how I can tweak them to make them Whole30.

Reading: I just finished the Whole30 book and Antelope in the Living Room, both were great. Now I'm onto Bringing Up Bebe. So far I'm really liking the French approach to parenting, but I'll share more on that when I'm done.

Watching: Jeremy and I just finished Making a Murderer, clearly nothing says quality couple time like a good murderer show. I don't even have to say it, but Downton is back on (Praise Jesus!) but sadly it's the last season. I feel like this is my last tie to our first little house in Monroe, watching that show. Now if only I wasn't on Whole30 this month so I could eat a dang tea biscuit with my Earl Grey. (Yes, I know it isn't the best of English tea blends, but I've got some PG Tips I'm not a fan of either.)

Doing: I've got the girl's accountability group I help lead this Saturday, they meet once a month. With Celebrate Recovery starting soon and Jeremy and my favorite girl's group leader being so heavily invested in it I am going to have to take on a more leader-y role with the group. Hopefully after 10 months my brain will start functioning again. Never agree to things when you're pregnant people, you won't be able to do in the capacity you'd expect.

Buying: I just got my Mueller Spiralizer and a Skip Hop diaper bag in the mail. I've been itching for a spiralizer ever since they got popular again and we decided that my grandmother's disappeared. Now the diaper bag...I promise you I made it 10 months without a real one and just couldn't take it any longer. I'm thinking it is going to be quite nice with all it's lovely pockets.

Loving: My little bit of down time every day when the baby is napping right after I get home. I should be doing other things, but whatever I don't get that much sleep these days.

Hating: The lack of sleep. We started kenneling the dog during meals and at night because A) she is packing on the pounds and B) crack head keeps peeing in the floor at night. I'm pretty sure the baby handles crying it out better than the dog has. Finally last night she didn't whine and freak out all night long. Hopefully that's a sign of sleep, as well as the baby making it to 5am one day this week. Between Harrison's teeth and Ellie being Ellie I need a nap.

Crafting: Over the summer I found some burlap bunting in the dollar bin at Target and made banners this past holiday season for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It took a bit of brainstorming to get a word to fit the 8 character limit, but they turned out cute. Super simple with only black paint, but cute.

Listening: I've become a podcast junkie. Worse than when I was a books on tape junkie. (speaking of which the last book in the Discovery of Witches trilogy was awesome) Lately I've been listening to a lot of The Boob Group, Parent Savers; but I've just found The Whole Life Challenge and am really liking it. Especially the Robb Wolf episode.

Pinning: I might be Whole30-ing but I'm pinning cake ideas. I'm thinking of making Harrison a chocolate cake with the marshmallow buttercream I made for Jeremy's cake.

Going: Absolutely no where and loving it. The holidays are rough with having to drive out of town so much and not just enjoy being home, but I think we balanced that better this year. MLK and Mardi Gras will be nice peaceful days at home this year.

Enjoying: How I'm feeling on Whole30, I've just got to locate some more Larabars so I have a snack when I'm pumping at work.

Hoping: That we can get some better sleep soon. Small hopes people, very small hope goals.

Considering: After blogging for 8 years at this website and having far far outreached the name of it I'm thinking of starting a new domain. It's an idea I've played with for years, but rebranding is such a pain in the butt. If you have any experience with it tell me all you know!

Wearing: It's finally cold weather around here! I'm wearing boots and Piko dresses nearly every day. Sadly the baby has basically killed my scarf wearing, he thinks he should play with whatever I'm wearing while he nurses. I get chocked with necklaces enough. He just swats at scarves like I'm attempting to suffocate him, or worse...cover him up. which might i add having to cover once a week is a joke to this child! He isn't a fan.