High Five 4 Friday

January 22, 2016

This week.

Someone explain to me why short weeks feel longer than a regular week?

Every month seems to be more fun than the last.

This little hot mess has gotten into babbling a lot and it honestly sounds more like he's saying "blah blah blah" than actual baby babble.

Whole30 is still going strong and this week I made Pastalaya compliant. 

It was good, but being that I'm not a Cajun food kinda gal I wasn't dying over it. 

The lack of real sausage made Jeremy not that "dying"over it either. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't something I want to eat every meal. 

I just love this picture, that's about it. 

The pudgy belly and double chin. Oh so cute! 

Jeremy came with Harrison to a friend's birthday party I was taking pictures at and I couldn't help but laugh that our non walker was so bent out of shape that he couldn't get on the ground. Sorry Bud, we aren't army crawling on concrete. 

We had a little family date night last Friday at Rachael's in Lafayette. It was really good, seriously the best sweet potatoes I've ever eaten.

Plus the best part was that Jeremy could get a fried fish plate and I could have something Whole30 friendly in a sit down restaurant. It was a lovely break from all the cooking I do.

If you have a child and don't have an ezpz Happy Mat
 I highly recommend it. I'll probably start off with the mini for the next baby because it will fit in the Ikea high chair better, but it's still a A+ in my book. 

This kid has also developed preferences. 

Like meat and peanut butter. He would honestly eat only meat and peanut butter if I left him to it. 

How was your week?