Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

January 14, 2016

So I have a little obsession that I'm insanely particular about, and quite honestly it's taken me years to perfect it. 

You see, I love hard boiled eggs. 

 I had my method down when we lived in Thibodaux but as soon as we moved my methods had to change. Putting eggs in the pot for 8 minutes, blasting the heat, and then returning was no longer giving me perfect eggs.

Instead I had a soft boiled mess.

Sometime after moving to this house I ran across a recipe in Epicurious, or some gourmet magazine, about how to boil eggs and realized I had to change my ways to get a consistent yolk no matter where I boiled them. 

I also figured out exactly how to peel an egg perfect every time, and this is from the girl who use to but them in half and scoop them out with a spoon. 

Which Jeremy thought was insane. 

Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs
Bring a pot of water to a rolling boil with enough water to cover eggs completely. Once water is boiling gently place eggs in the boiling.

*If you're making deviled eggs and want a centered yolk take a thumb tack and poke a hole in the larger end of the egg.

Boil eggs for exactly 9 minutes and then drain hot water from the pot and pour cold tap water over. Next remove eggs from the pot and place back into their egg carton and keep in the refrigerator.

My peeling easy tip - crack the shell all over and then start peeling at the large end of the egg, be sure to grab the skin-ish stuff underneath the shell and the rest of the shell will come off super easy.

Who else considered themselves to be a terrible egg peeler? How do you peel?