weekend wrap up

August 8, 2015

I had every intention of blogging more this week, but that one hour I get in the evening with a napping baby gets devoted to bottle washing and the 21 Day Fix workout I borrowed from my sister. 

I got a bottle of Infusium23 from Influenster in the Sunshine Voxbox to test out and I have to say I really like it. I've used Argan Oil for probably 6 years and this works just as well on my hair. 

Any other Anglophiles out there? I hit the royal mother load, my neighbor is also a royal watcher and had some fun books I'm borrowing. 

I also realized that Youtube has a ton of British documentaries. 


It's become obvious that the second we get home that Harrison has to go down for a nap. 
It's great for me because it gives me an hour to start prepping bottles for the next day and wash all my pump parts and bottles that were used that day. 

I also get 30 minutes to squeeze in a workout if he doesn't wake up. 

Speaking of health... I'm gonna have to do another Whole30 in September. That two weeks of celebrating Jeremy's birthday got to me. 

Someone had his first Cafe Du Monde experience. It didn't help that it was nap time and he WASN'T napping. His Daddy let him try the back side of one that didn't have sugar on it (like fried dough is any better) and he was in love. 

As in, when we took it away he screamed like he was covered in ants. 

This isn't exactly how I planned to start Baby Led Weaning. 

The classroom is done and the students came Friday! I'm hoping a few organization tricks will help this year. 5th grade is so transitional for kids, we don't baby them and the mama's still kind of do. 

We tend to sprinkle in a bit of independence and organization throughout the year. 

This year I made bookmarks (duct taped ribbon to the inside back cover of their writing journals) and had a full on sit down talk about how I organize my planner... and used my big ole Erin Condren as an example. We also set up the notebooks and everything else I could squeeze in. 

This was the first first day that I've literally had the bell ring on me and I still had stuff we could be talking about for the year. 

If you teach and see these at Target grab yourself one. I know lesson plans are done online these days, but I'm using it to organize what I want to teach every week. Mainly just jotting down page numbers and what is happening in each subject. 

Nothing too detailed. 

Now, I've met my goal of catching up on life on here. Since kiddo is starting to fuss we are going down for a nap. 

I may take one too!