High Five 4 Friday

August 14, 2015

Today marks the actually first Friday of the school year! 

Last week surely didn't count because the babies didn't show up until Friday. I do have to say that this year is going to be fun, I didn't know if we would top last year but this one is going to be equal. 

The kids are such a fun group of personalities, there are a couple that totally get my sense of humor so we are all the thumbs up emogis!!

This upcoming Wednesday we are starting Children of the Day by Beth Moore at church as a class in the evening. There are a couple of studies for women throughout the year during the day so us working ladies live for evening classes.

I had to bite the bullet and lead this one. Four years ago you would have never seen me leading anything, but slowly and surely God has put me in situations way beyond my comfort zone.

I think Jeremy thinks his life job is to drag me kicking and screaming out of my comfort zone. The man has no comfort zone, he's good with anything.

I on the other hand have been hoping and wishing for another women's only study in the evening and finally got the hint that I needed to offer to lead one.

Pray for me.

And pray for all those poor women who have to put up with me.

Are you on Periscope?

You should be? It's awkward and oddly like a live Youtube that you can't edit... but it's fun. Fun-ish.

I made my mayo that I am so in love with on there this week as well as talked a bit about how I meal prep.

What you're seeing above is what I did with my mayo, hello beautiful ranch goodness! (It's just a splash of coconut milk, pepper, salt, garlic powder, onion powder, chives, parsley, and dill to taste)

This baby.

He wants to grab this dog.

That dog doesn't want that baby to grab her.

She's nearly 9 and has been around the baby block a few times before.

She knows what comes from babies touching you, nothing good.

That baby though, he does his best to reach the dog and then sighs so big when he can't.

It's pretty hilarious.

I have a new breakfast obsession that actually holds off hunger and satiates me. Rarely anything satiates me, I could eat a bucket of food before finding what I really wanted. Or craved for that matter. 

Here's the recipe::

Paleo Breakfast Bowl

2 small prunes
1 medium apple, cored, skin on
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 tbsp flax meal
1 heaping tbsp unsweetened coconut
1 tbsp slivered almonds

spoonful of almond butter
splash of coconut milk

Place all ingredients except almond butter and coconut milk in a food processor and pulse until apple is chopped up and there are no big chunks hopping around. Pour into a bowl and top with almond butter and coconut milk. Serve. 

We're two weeks early, but I've kind of done a soft start to Baby Led Weaning. I caved and gave Harrison a pear with the skin on and then Wednesday night he has a potato wedge, brussel sprout, roasted grape tomato, and carrot. 

His favorite was by far the tomato. 

The faces he makes when he's eating though? 

You can tell the poor child doesn't understand why his toys changed taste and are chewy, it's just not at all like breast milk! 

I'm afraid he thinks we are going to nurse well into his teen years. Sadly when March rolls around we are closing up shop. 

Nursing is enjoyable, sending him off and pumping is so stressful. I would so love it if suddenly I was able to just stay home the first year. No worrying about how many ounces he's taking in would be a breeze. 

Well I'm off, hopefully everyone has a good weekend and I'll be back Monday for MPM!!